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Our travel agency has been established since 1985 and specialises in organising domestic and foreign tours from the UK exclusively for Chinese-speaking parties. Our packages include activities such as sightseeing, shopping, leisure and culture. Each tour is designed to a high quality, with a schedule selected by experts. Included are an attentive and knowledgeable group leader, safe, reliable and comfortable transportation, luxurious accomodation and good food. Wherever you want to travel in the world, UK Honey Tours can offer an ideal getaway.

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本旅行社成立于 1985年 11月, 專門組織和接待英國, 國內外旅行團, 包括旅游觀光, 業務考察, 參加展覽會, 文化交流等各種項目.
由專家設計優質的行程, 隨團專業領隊殷勤的服務, 採用安全可靠的交通工具, 住宿豪華舒適的大酒店, 品嘗道地美食, 因此, 要去旅游儘管是世界七大洲, 七大洋, 當然是參加最受華人喜愛的 "英倫甜蜜旅行團" 口碑最好!

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